Not just any blackout shade.

The BlocOut - Blackout Sleep Shade gives you unrivalled levels of bedroom darkness... for a better sleep and a better you.

We Guarantee Better Sleep Within One Week, or Your Money Back!

The light blocking siderails, high quality fabric and bottom seal make it an ideal sleep aid for you. Parents, young children, light sensitive sleepers, shift workers and daytime nappers, fit for all! Perfect for use in nurseries, bedrooms, TV gaming rooms, home cinemas and even photography dark rooms.

A huge 9/10 customers report a better nights sleep with the BlocOut - Blackout Sleep Shade. Better sleeps means a better you. It's that simple.

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We have almost 30 different fabric designs to choose from. Order free fabric samples, before you buy...

  • Fantastic product completely blocks all light

    Fantastic product completely blocks all light from outside. Easy to fit, just had to put in the bottom screws to an angle. Wish I'd bought one year ago!

  • BlocOut

    The company were very helpful answering my questions, and the BlocOut works brilliantly for my quirky Victorian window. Thanks so much!

  • Nursery BlocOut blind - perfect!

    Absolutely thrilled with the new blind for my little ones's bedroom, delivery was faster than expected, it was an absolute doddlle to install, looks fabulous and literally blocks all light - perfect!

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