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Our delivery time? Simple. Fast, free delivery for all.
Cooler space and better sleep

Cooler space and better sleep

Get cooler sleep in 5

Keeping it cool is easier said than done. Whether youve got hands as cold as ice, or your body runs hotter than a desert, we have all had those sleepless nights when no matter what you do, you just cannot get cool enough to sleep.

Here at Bloc, we are lucky to have good air-con throughout our offices to help keep our busy minds and heavy lifters functioning on even the sunniest days. But what about when you are back at home? Being a human in 2022 involves spending a lot of time indoors, and it can be hard to beat the heat and still squeeze in a good nights sleep.

We have compiled a shortlist of our favorite heat-survival techniques, empowering you to control your climate and sleep well at night.


1. Close your sun-facing shades during the day to beat the heat

Did you know that simply closing your sun-facing shades during the day will help keep your space cool? Our first instinct on hot days is to open the blinds and let the outside in. However, you are essentially transforming your home into a greenhouse by doing so. We recommend that you keep your sun-facing shades and windows closed throughout the day. This helps to deflect the solar rays and keep the heat out.


2. Open them back up when getting ready to sleep

After the sun has set and you're winding down for bed, open the windows back up to let a breeze through your house. This helps freshen the air and dispel any lingering heat. Doing this after sunset synchronizes with your circadian rhythm by helping to cool you down at the end of the day. Dimming the lights and opening the windows is going to kickstart your brains release of melatonin into the body. This induces feelings of tiredness and relaxation that prepare you for sleep.


3. Avoid taking that afternoon nap

Hot days encourage feelings of drowsiness and tiredness, we’re all tempted by a mid-afternoon siesta now and again. This is because your body has spends more energy than usual trying to keep you cool. You may notice this as redder than usual skin as your blood vessels move more blood closer to the skins surface to cool it down. Alternatively, the patchy armpits may be a more obvious giveaway that your body is working hard to stay cool. This all results in feelings of tiredness. As tempted as you may be to kick off your shoes and lie on the sofa, we recommend you power on through and avoid temptation. Remember your circadian rhythm we mentioned above? Napping can interrupt this and make you feel restless at bedtime. Our advice? Save that drowsy feeling for bedtime.


4. Pick up some house plants

Beyond boosting your mood, house plants have been proven to keep your house cool. This is because our green friends act as natural air conditioners, sending moisture into the atmosphere via transpiration. So as well as looking good, they help you feel good too, both physically and mentally. Just dont forget to water them, their home cooling properties are known to diminish when they die…


5. Get some blackout shades

Blackout shades are also known as thermal shades, and for good reason! They minimize the heating effect of incoming solar radiation during the day by reflecting much of it away, regulating our home climate (see point one!) After the sun goes down, the added benefit of blackout shades becomes clear.


The presence of sunlight long after sunset can interrupt your sleep significantly. Too much light at night prevents our body from winding down. This is compounded by extra heat in your space caused by too much sunlight earlier in the day. By the morning, too much sunlight early in the day triggers our circadian rhythm to believe it is time to wake up long before we need to. It is far from a comfortable situation, and it can make getting a full night’s sleep difficult. Therefore, we recommend installing blackout shades where you need them most.  


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