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Our delivery time? Simple. Fast, free delivery for all.
Our delivery time? Simple. Fast, free delivery for all.

Solar Shade Ash

Inspired by sunlight.
Crafted for shade.

Our Solar shades reduce UV rays and prevent glare, while allowing enough light to shine through for a radiant, soothing glow. All Solar shades are made with sanitised antimicrobial Kleenscreen fabric. All Bloc shades are cordless as standard.

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All About: Child Safe Solar Roller Shades

Bloc faux wood blinds collection brings you the style and texture of real wooden blinds with all the strength, durability and cost effectiveness of faux. Our faux wooden blinds are child safe, practical, durable, water resistant and easy cleaning.

Fabric Openess

Our bespoke Solar fabric puts you in control. By customizing your fabric openness percentage, you are essentially deciding how much light you want shining through.

What is Fabric Openness?

Fabric openness refers to how tightly the fabric is woven. The tighter the weave, the more sunlight it blocks. This is expressed using a percentage, with lower numbers representing a higher level of opacity.

For example, a window shade with 1% openness will provide more shade than one with 5% openness. 

You like less light and more shade, best suited to screen facing windows.
You like a bit of light but don’t necessarily want to feel the heat.
You like the light to shine through but are bothered by the sun at certain times of day.


Our Solar fabric features Kleenscreen Sanitized® technology which inhibits the development of bacterial odors as well as the growth of mold and mildew. This unique antimicrobial hygiene feature enhances the performance of your shades for comfort and peace of mind.



Our products have always been cord-free, risk-free, worry-free. Just how they should be.

Any risk to the safety of children or pets is wholly unnecessary. That’s why, from day dot, our products have been designed with safety in mind. Bloc US has never offered anything but cord-free operation systems, and we never will.

All products are cordless, many available with motorization or wand operation options.

How to Measure - Inside Mount

How to Measure - Outside Mount

Installation Guides

For installation guides, visit our Measure & Install page.

Wand Guide
Motor Guide

What is Measure Protect?

Measure Protect is an additional 10% charge on top of the cost of your shades to cover you for any measurement mistakes.

Even if the new measurements are bigger, we will collect your order, make the necessary amendments and send them back to you at no additional cost.


Adjustable from any angle and available in a range of lengths, the wand’s clever design makes heights and awkward spaces accessible.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of our brilliantly simple design is the reas- surance it gives parents of young children and those who care for the vul- nerable.The risk of injury from accidental entanglement is eliminated. It’s a simple, affordable way to ensure parents peace of mind.

The Bloc Wand’s robust, twist-operated clutch innovation is an easier, more intuitive way to lower and raise the shades.


Motorized: not available in Faux Wooden or Cellular.

Control your window coverings with the touch of a button and enjoy the freedom of cordless blinds. Our motorized blinds are easy to install, set up and operate.

Operating motorized blinds throughout your home is made simple with individual and group blind control options.


What is a valance?

Some people opt for a valance as the “finishing touch” to their window coverings. It sits at the top of the window and covers the hardware and mechanics of your shades for a polished final look. 


Designed by private people, for private people.

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