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Our delivery time? Simple. Fast, free delivery for all.
Our delivery time? Simple. Fast, free delivery for all.

About us

We’ve been dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations every
step of the way. Find out what makes us different, from our past to our present.

The story

It began with a man and a plan.

Cormac Diamond was tasked with sourcing shades for his previous employer. The jarring realization that the blind market hadn’t made any design moves for decades set in quickly, resulting in Cormac putting his own ideas to paper.

The plan

Driven by his nomadic spirit and desire to innovate a stagnant industry,

Cormac set about rewriting the rulebook, revamping and rejuvenating the entire process. Every sector is becoming increasingly flexible, with color choices, variety of spec and personalization options now seemingly standard across the board, why not have the same customization when it comes to blinds and shades?

The problem

What is missing?

Throughout the development process of the core range of Bloc Blinds products, the same questions continued to crop up — what is missing from our customers’ current blinds and shades? The answer was simple. People want products that work for them. 

The answer

What matters to you?

Whether they want a better night sleep, to ensure safety throughout their household, or to stand against mass production and waste, people want products that cater to their lifestyle and address what matters to them.

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Why Bloc?

Our promise to you is that Bloc will deliver beautifully made to order window coverings directly to your door. We don’t like long flights, and neither do our products. That’s why our products are all made to order and assembled in America, ensuring your order arrives quickly and jet-lag free. Simple.

Transforming your home with the latest trends
in top quality window coverings

We guarantee a trouble free buying experience that won’t break the bank. At Bloc, we sell direct to you. No middle man. No smooth talking salespeople. No maze-like showrooms. Bloc was born and bred online. We operate a 24/7 web shop, providing a seamless shopping experience with expert advice, easy to follow guides, and free fabric samples. Oh, did we mention our promise of quick delivery?

What we do
  • Assemble all products locally
  • Design and engineer all products in house
  • Use sustainable and ethical practices
  • Drink a lot of coffee
  • Handpick every material and mechanism
  • Put customer safety first
  • Read social media comments
  • Care about our customers
What we don't
  • Waste products or fabric
  • Re-sell other people’s designs
  • Take shortcuts when it comes to design and quality
  • Mass produce products
  • Let any of our customers go away unhappy
  • Drink anything decaf
  • Ignore customer questions or concerns
  • Give anything less than 100%

What matters to us?

Safety matters

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has determined that custom window coverings with accessible operating cords that are longer than 8 inches pose an unreasonable risk of strangulation to children 8 years old and younger. 

Bloc Blinds are leading the charge when it comes to child and pet safety. From day dot our products have been designed with safety in mind. We believe any risk to the safety of children or pets is wholly unnecessary. 

Our products operate with a spring system as standard, with many products giving customers the option to choose between wand and motorized operations.

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Sleep matters

According to research, almost a third of us drag ourselves out of bed in the morning because we haven’t gotten enough good-quality sleep at night, which means we’re not able to be our best selves during the day. 

The ideal room for sleep is cool and dark. Most experts agree that the perfect sleep temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. 

According to a National Sleep Foundation poll, 73% of Americans say the darker the room the better, yet only 65% of people use shades, curtains, or blinds to block unwanted light. Maybe it’s time to get on board?

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Style matters

Bloc Blinds aren’t just a design choice. They’re a lifestyle choice. We never want to cramp your style.

That’s why our shades come in various contemporary styles and colors, making it easier than ever to express yourself right down to your window dressing.

With an array of sustainably manufactured blind and shade types, in various styles and colors, you are truly spoilt for choice.

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Earth matters

Trends come and go, but our planet is for life… we hope! It’s time to take responsibility.

Bloc Blinds vow to do our part to block further abuse of our environment and prevent mass waste at production level. We make all products to order, using measurements, fabric choices and operation types chosen by you.

Mass production is a mass problem, and we refuse to take part. Find out more about our sustainability journey today.

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Privacy matters

Warning: the following content may be upsetting to nosey neighbors. We all value our privacy, but some people just won’t take the hint. Block out prying eyes with your made to order Bloc Blind. 

Introvert or extrovert, we don't mind. We believe everyone has the right to privacy in their own home.

Explore our revolutionary Blackout shades that not only give full visual privacy, but also reflect unwanted heat back outside, keeping you cool, calm and collected year round.

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Behind the scenes

We take great pride in our work and the products we produce. We’d like to invite you into our wonderful world of Bloc and give you a behind the scenes peek at the action.

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Thanks to its especially sophisticated material composition, the Blackout fabric performs outstandingly in its function as a blackout element while additionally improving the indoor climate.

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Assembled in america
made to order